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Sri Yantra Pendant + Chain


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Sri Yantra Pendant + Chain

The Sri Yantra is regarded symbol from ancient tradition and tests from many eastern spiritualists. Yantras are mystical geometric diagrams that have been used by many religious practitioners as a meditation aid and as a tool for tantric worship. The Sri Yantra is a celebrated symbol rooted in ancient traditions and is regarded as a sacred and powerful tool by many eastern spiritualists. The beautiful design of the symbol, playing off of the cues of sacred geometry, is said to be the two-dimensional representation of what is arguably the worlds best-known mantra: “OM.” Any devout practitioner of Hindu tradition can tell you the true significance and power of this mantra, which is historically understood under Hindu spiritualists as the sound of creation in its primordial state. All other yantras are derived from the Sri Yantra, and some claim the symbol to be a physical manifestation of the pineal gland aka the “third eye.”

The Sri Yantra is used by many spiritual practitioners as a tool for religious followers to experience a vision of the infinite possibilities of existence, and to understand his or her unity with the cosmos. Our Sri Yantra necklace is a beautifully crafted piece of art, and an excellent way to carry this powerful and ancient symbol with you wherever you go. The Sri Yantra symbol is displayed prominently in the center of the pendant and is coated with a dome of glass to achieve a stunning visual effect.

The intricate geometric patterns at the center of the symbol seem to radiate from the rich black background, and the entire symbol is framed with subtle bursts of brilliant yellow light that add a fluid and organic touch to the rigid geometric design of the Sri Yantra itself. Our pendant comes with a delicate metal chain that will match the color of the back of the pendant, and can also be easily attached to any metal or rope chain for a custom look to match any style or occasion.

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