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Seven Chakras Tapestry

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Blacklight Reactive Seven Chakras Tapestry

Beautiful cloth tapestry illustrating the seven chakras on a meditating silhouette.

Our seven chakra tapestry is an excellent piece for art and meditation lovers alike. It will give a relaxing vibe to any room in your home and is full of positive symbolism to send a message of tranquility to you and your guests throughout the day. The seven chakras are displayed prominently in brilliant colors on our tapestry, running up the spine of a peacefully meditating woman. The theory of chakras has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhist traditions. The chakras are considered focal points of the body’s energies, and many people believe that practicing yoga can help a person unlock these energies one by one, starting from the base of the body (or the root chakra, situated at the base of the spine) and moving up to the crown chakra, which is situated at the top of the head. Hindu texts refer to the energy that is stored within the base chakra as Kundalini, a feminine energy that must uncoil from the base of the spine to wake each consecutive chakra in the body in order to reach the Sahasrara, or the “thousand-petaled lotus,” at the top of the head. These energies are said to awaken while a person is in deep meditation, leaving them with a feeling of enlightenment and bliss. The woman situated in the middle of the tapestry is surrounded by a swirling expanse of cosmos, demonstrating the feeling of being one with the universe and at the center of all that has been or will be that is associated with the unlocking of the final chakra.

Sacred geometric patterns are situated below the woman, creating intricate and beautiful mandalas. Mandalas are themselves a Hindu representation of the universe. Mandalas have been used in many religious traditions in order to focus the minds of worshipers, and are considered an aid in meditation and in achieving spiritual trances. Mandalas are found in many religions, from Buddhism to Christianity, to symbolize the sacred and divine.


Length – 200 cm (approx. 79″)

Width – 150 cm (approx. 59″)

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  1. Iris Vavance

    This tapestry is amazing! Beautiful, large cloth tapestry with vibrant colors! I am extremely impressed with this item, I just got it today and my fiance and I immediately hung it up in the living room! It’s a great piece that really ties together our whole room, and I’m sure it will be very eye catching for any of our guests 🙂

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