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Audio mastering is one of the most crucial steps in the process of perfecting your recording for distribution and optimal playback across different devices. Having your music professionally mastered can make or break a track when it comes down to final presentation and overall feel of the song’s quality. As a recording musician and/or producer it is important that once you have created a good mix for the recording you’ve been working on and finalized that mix you move onto the mastering stage. In today’s day and age, it’s very possible to gather the right equipment to enable you to master your own music. With an investment in good monitors and audio correction products for your mixing/mastering room along with some time spent studying, practicing, and perfecting the craft you’ll be well on your way to professionally mastering your tracks. The alternative is having your tracks mastered by a more experienced engineer. You can seek out a fellow producer you already know or submit your tracks for mastering to a service provider like Madrigal Records. Our company provides online music mastering services at affordable rates to help bring out the best elements of your track and prepare it for professional distribution.

Online Music Mastering

Madrigal Records | Online Music Mastering

No matter what route you choose to take mastering your music is an essential component of creating a finalized product for your audience – so it’s important not to skip it. If you aren’t well connected with other musicians who could lend a hand and are unwilling to pay someone for mastering we highly recommend taking the time to search the web for free tutorials on mastering on your preferred DAW and making your own best attempt. If you decide you’d rather focus on the more free and creative elements of the process like the composition and mix you can try our mastering services today for just $29.95. Online music mastering has become a much sought out service because of the convenience and value that it brings independent artists.

Online Music Mastering

Our team at Madrigal Records consists of a tight-knit group of creative minds, producers, musicians, and artists that have a passion for music and the arts as a whole. When you submit your track to us we will take the time to listen to your song as it is taking notes of what we believe are the tracks best components. We then work to highlight the elements we regarded as noteworthy in the previous step. We might have a second producer give an opinion on the mastering and make some minor changes. Once all these steps have been completed we send the track back to you via email in high-quality WAV and MP3 format versions. Madrigal Records is a highly diverse music and art label; we currently offer several services and a collection of media through our website; some of the things you can find on Madrigal Records includes:

Online Music Mastering

If you are also interested in selling your music via today’s biggest music platforms like Itunes, Spotify, & Apple Music once your track has been mastered we’ve got you covered with our professional music distribution services. If you have any questions regarding our online music mastering or distribution services feel free to contact us today. Don’t forget to check out our blog for the latest music news.

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