Number X



 Richard Paolini is the mastermind behind the lyricism of Number X. He has proven to be a versatile wordsmith and a generally talented writer. The hip-hop project Number X has allowed Paolini to showcase his talent through vocal deliveries over powerful instrumentals.

Music Vocalist


Number X is a hip-hop MC based in southeastern PA.  The music project focuses on the creation of captivating records that maintain an insightful and thought-provoking theme, but also one that doesn’t forget to pause and let the whimsical nature of the mind roam free, while skeptic but unbiased opinions are let loose.

Music Production


Number X works with a select few producers that provide the instrumental productions which are recorded over then mixed and mastered for release. Paolini leaves the production to the producers and focuses on bringing creative lyrics over hip-hop beats. Influences include artists like Atmosphere and Aesop Rock “who laid the stones in the pond.”

You must realize that the first step toward changing your reality is to begin to change yourself.

Maintain an Open Mind & The Universe Will Surprise You.

The Number X

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