Madrigal Records wants to give musicians the ability to get a professional quality master of their tracks without having to shell out hundreds for the session. Mastered tracks are optimized for best quality and sound across multiple platforms and different playback devices such as computer speakers, club sound systems, headphones, car speakers, etc. Simply purchase your mastering package and upload your track via the appropriate button (below mastering plans).

Music Mastering Service

Single Mastering

Our team will master a track of your choice for under $30.00. Need an Edit? We include a free track revision in our Sacred Geometry – Single Mastering plan.

Music Mastering Service

EP Mastering

Our team will master your EP (up to 6 tracks) for just $149.95. Two free track revisions are included in our Twin Soul – EP Mastering plan.

Music Mastering Service

LP Mastering

Our team will master your full album (up to 12 tracks) for just $224.95. Three free track revisions are included in our Third Eye – LP Mastering plan.

Once you've purchased your desired Mastering plan simply upload your track(s) here:

Music Mastering Service

Madrigal Records


If you feel like a track could be touched up to sound better after receiving music mastering services simply reach out with a specific description of what you’d like accented (e.g you’d like the bass lowered or stereo width increased). We provide customers with $9.99 revision options after an initial purchase of our mastering services to ensure you are as happy as possible with the results on the track without breaking the bank. This is aside from the two complimentary revisions we will provide.

Learning Center

Third Eye Chakra

Visit our blog to learn more about why audio mastering is important for your music releases. Keep up with the latest news regarding our label, & stimulate your third eye with some informative posts regarding sacred geometry, music, numerology, art, and spirituality.

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