Distribute Your Music
Distribute Your Music

Distribute Your Music

If you’re a producer or recording musician that is actively creating tracks while building your project having an easy and affordable way to distribute your music is an absolute must. A big component of success as an artist involves properly branding your project and marketing your product (in this case your music). Digital music distribution can be thought of your recorded music’s cord to potential listeners and fans. I think the most important point to illustrate about digital music distribution, especially for newer artists, is that it can and should be used as a way to organically market your music. If you’re ready to distribute your music but aren’t sure where to start we’ve got solutions for you.

A well thought out and executed plan to distribute your music will grow your overall visibility as an artist while also allowing you to collect revenue for streaming and downloads of music you’ve gotten into digital stores. If you want to get your music to as many interested listeners as possible then you need to learn to utilize digital music distribution as a tool for your goals.

The traditional system of music distribution is often thought of in times when record labels would consider potential artists to sign who’d they would then help get into stores and promote the music in order to help make sales and move albums. These models would typically involve each of the middlemen taking a portion of the revenue created from the sales.

While physical stores were at one point the only way to get your music sold professionally digital music distribution has changed the game altogether. Today you are able to professionally sell downloads of your music and even have it accessible for live streaming through services like Apple Music and Spotify while maintaining full creative control of your work and collecting 100% of the revenue produced by your music.

Our team at Madrigal Records is passionate about helping artists continue to create work, master their craft, and showcase the time they spent on creating their personal magnum opus. We offer full LP Distribution services across all major platforms for recording musicians and producers for just 19.95/year. Not only do we ensure quick and easy delivery to our 100+ partner distributors we will also master two singles of your choice from your album to ensure that special track has the perfect balance of warmth, pop, clarity, and tone no matter how you’re listening to it.

If you’re a highly active creator and are in need of a highly flexible distribution plan we totally understand the stance and offer you well-deserved kudos! Madrigal Records offers our clients a “Premium Artist” service plan that gives you unlimited distribution for all your singles and albums. Aside from receiving unlimited distribution services from us, as a premium artist, you will also have access to free mastering services for one single a month for the year. That’s a total of twelve tracks of your choice mastered along with unlimited music distribution services across all major platforms. We’ll place your music on the industries main platforms including:

  • iTunes
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Music
  • Pandora
  • 100+ other Distribution Companies

To become a premium artists simply sign up below with the email you’d like linked to your profile and you can begin uploading tracks for us to submit. Madrigal Records makes it easy to distribute your music professionally.

Digital Music Distribution Service


Premium ArtistMastering & Distribution($49.95/year)

Unlimited DistributionGet on iTunesGet on Apple MusicGet on SpotifyGet on 100+ Other PlatformsWe’ll Master One Track a Month for a YearKeep 100% Royalties

Distribute Your Music

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