Jaime Ure is the mind behind Afterglow. He began songwriting at the age of fourteen and has continually used it as a tool for creative expression as well as a method to convey sentiments regarding personal experience and the worldview that those experiences have helped cultivate.

Music Vocalist


Afterglow blends a variety of musical genres into a venture that explores the composition of sound and doesn’t adhere to a set of rules for the creation of its art. The two  vocal techniques implemented in this project are a singing style reminiscent of the early 90’s alternative rock genre and a powerful delivery of spoken word lyricism that offers a direct and potent message of insight

Music Production


Afterglow’s recordings are currently created using Ableton Live’s platform. The project combines the use of live instrumentation that is recorded utilizing a variety of condenser mics as well as the use of electronically produced components through the power and versatility of midi music controllers

You must realize that the first step toward changing your reality is to begin to change yourself.

Maintain an Open Mind & The Universe Will Surprise You.



Only by striving toward the understanding of others will we begin to better understand ourselves.

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