Third Eye Chakra

About Madrigal Records

We are just another attempt to break the shackles that bind us all. Connect through the world with body and mind; you will find peace.

Our aim is to host a home for various art forms that hailed from creators of all realms. We want to help spread positivity, knowledge, and mediums of entertainment that will pique the interest on those that hunger for subjects on consciousness, spirituality, love, growth, & overcoming the many challenges of life while enjoying its good graces.

I am light. I am a son. I am a lover. I am a child. I am an artist. I am a sinner. I am a man. I am a human. I am creative. I am giving. I am selfish. I am nothing. I am everything. I am caring. I am blind. I am irrational. I am scared. I am brave. I am anxious. I am calm. I am me. I am you.